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Elrod Stud Welding Services

Elrod Stud Welding Jobsite

Jobsite Stud Welding is our specialty.  Installation of Headed Studs Thru-Decking, Deformed Bar Anchors installed to bent plate, Studs to Bridge Girders and Embed Plates, Shear Walls, Sheet Pile or H Piles, Curtain Walls and more!

With millions of studs shot in the field, Elrod Stud Welding is the most trusted name in jobsite stud welding and we are ready to mobilize to your jobsite or shop. Our Field Generators comply with all current EPA Emission and Noise standards. We specialize in Thru-Deck Shear Stud Installation, Deformed Bar Installation, Shear Stud Installation on Bridges, Boiler Repair, Refractory Anchor Installation, and Insulation Fasteners.

Elrod Stud Welding Rental

From CD Stud Pin Welders to Mobile Stud Welding Gensets, we will make sure we outfit you with the right Stud Welder at the right time.  At the end of the day, rest easy knowing you are in an experienced set of hands that will make sure your job goes well at every stage.

Rent top-quality stud weld equipment from Elrod Stud Welding for your welding projects. With flexible terms and excellent support, we make getting the right stud welding equipment easy. From Stud Welding Gensets for your jobsite to CD Welders for your Sheet Metal and Insulation applications, we have the right stud welder for your application.

Elrod Stud Welding Embeds

We offer a full service solution for your embed needs. From ordering material, cutting, welding, stud install, galvanization and delivery, you’ll receive the highest level of service, communication and accountability.

The strength and quality of an Embed is determined by the quality of the weld at the weld base of the stud, DBA, or SWR (Stud Weldable Rebar). We have installed many millions of studs in the field and in our shop.

No matter how large or small your project is, we’ll come through for you!